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10 Interview Questions to help you choose your celebrant

How many ceremonies have you conducted?

Are you flexible with the structure of your ceremonies?

Will you provide sample ceremonies for me to choose from?

Do you have experience incorporating particular variations such as a sand pouring or candle lighting ceremony and are you able to send me examples of these?

Is there a limit on how often we can speak over the phone or email?

Choosing a wedding celebrant is about more than just finding someone who can, competently, cross the Ts and dot the Is. They are in charge of ensuring your marriage is legally recognised and, ultimately, they will also have a huge hand in how your wedding ceremony will feel and run, so it’s absolutely crucial to find someone you truly like and have an affinity with to perform your wedding ceremony.

What are the costs involved? (Do I need to pay a deposit? Do you charge extra for a rehearsal? Do you charge for travel time or distance? Do you supply a PA system?

What will happen if it rains on our wedding day?

How will you be dressed at my wedding?

I would like to discuss this with my fiancé. How long will you save this date?

What is the next step?